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Employees don't quit jobs, they quit bosses.

Unlock the data you need to develop a winning team with the next generation of employee engagement software


Join thousands of Happy Teams

Introducing the next generation of Employee Engagement Software

No one deserves to be on an unhappy team. But, you know what’s even worse than being on an unhappy team? Leading one. We get it.

HappyTeams is a purpose-built solution that empowers management to unlock valuable team insights by accurately measuring employee engagement through — scientifically backed questions created by our team of Organisational Psychologists.

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Advanced Analytics

We crunch the numbers so you don't have to. We analyse responses, trends and present these in beautifully focused dashboards.

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Easy to Use

We've put a lot of thought and science into making tracking employee engagement as simple as possible, both for leaders and team members.

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Everything in HappyTeams is searchable. That team that works in an office on the other side of the country - their engagement data is just a click away!

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High Signal

Focus on only the data you're interested in. Do you lead a group of teams? We've got you! Lead a single team? We've got you too!

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Reliable Reporting

Get a monthly report on your engagement data, curated by our team of Organisational Psychologists, straight to your inbox.

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30 Free Trial

Cost shouldn't be an obstacle to improving employee engagement. We're very cost effective, and we give you an all-access 30 day free trial to show the power of HappyTeams.


No Credit Card. No Contract. Simple.

How does it work?


Our question bank continually evolves as your team progresses. Curated by our renowned team of Organisational Psychologists, our suite of questions targets the deeper insights you need to develop a happy team.


In one click, get anonymous feedback from your team. To ensure clear and succinct communication our platform uses science-backed emoji responses.


Real time insights are displayed in our intuitively designed suite of dashboards that can be customised to your Organisations unique structure.

For Enlightened Leaders

View analytics across teams, identify trends, and maximize growth 📈

We’ve removed the guesswork from leading teams and managing employees. Get access to real-time reporting and make data-driven decisions that have been shown to increase productivity and improve team dynamics.

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Better Technology

Seamlessly integrate with your workplace communication tool 💬

Get access in only a couple of clicks. HappyTeams can be installed directly into Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Try it out free for 30 days. No credit card. No contract. It is that easy!

Ready to level up your teams?

Start your free trial of HappyTeams today to unlock the data you need to empower and engage your team members.

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We have everything you need to build engaged teams.

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Realtime Analytics

Monitor engagement levels across your teams in realtime.

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All Signal, No Noise

Unsure of where your engagement issues lie? No worries, we'll crunch the numbers and put anything you need to be aware of front and center. Easy.

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Monthly Reports

Our Organisational Psychologists are on your team! Each month, you will receive a full report based on your data footprint — analysing the data, highlighting trends, and forecasting direction.

Join thousands of Happy Teams!

We're absolutely focused on the details. We want to make improving your teams engagement as easy and hands-off as possible.

We're obsessed with feedback from our customers, and developing features to support their needs. 

These are just two of the reasons our customers love HappyTeams. Join us today to find out the other reasons 😉

“We knew that we wanted to some sort of Slack-based health monitor, something that was really easy to use. We initially looked at three different alternatives, but settled on HappyTeams because its “frowny to smiley emoji” scale was dead simple to understand, their dashboard gave clear and concise feedback, and they asked a variety of questions that gave us insight into a many different aspects of our employees current mindset. In addition, since we starting using HappyTeams, that have been very responsive to feedback, making it even easier to use. Teams are able to access the HappyTeams dashboard themselves and see exactly what areas are in need of the most improvement.”

Joe Shea

- Software Development Lead

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