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No one deserves to be on an unhappy team!
No one should have to lead one either!

Introducing the next generation of Employee Engagement Software

HappyTeams is a purpose-built solution that empowers management to unlock valuable team insights by accurately measuring employee engagement through — scientifically backed questions created by our team of Organisational Psychologists.
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Advanced Analytics

We crunch the numbers so you don't have to. We analyse responses, trends and present these in beautifully focused dashboards.

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Easy to Use

We've put a lot of thought and science into making tracking employee engagement as simple as possible, both for leaders and team members.

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Focused Insights

Everything in HappyTeams is searchable. That team that works in an office on the other side of the country - their engagement data is just a click away!

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Works For All Team Sizes

Focus on only the data you're interested in. Do you lead a group of teams? We've got you! Lead a single team? We've got you too!

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Reliable Reporting

Get a monthly report on the total employee experience, curated by our team of Organisational Psychologists, straight to your inbox.

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Unlimited Team Groups

You can group your users into teams— teams by regions, departments, name it, you can customize HappyTeams. 

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Quick Action Alerts

Management will get nudges on areas that need addressed based on real-time employee feedback. We literally remove the guesswork so you can do what you do best—lead people!

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Customisable Dashboard

We make it easy so you can get to the analytics that you want care most about! 

Curious about our other features?

We recommend you try it out and experience yourself with a free trial, but we'd  be happy to show you first-hand! Book a demo with us and we will give you a personal tour of our product!