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Customer Story: 

Growing more globally, the Vodafone team had to find ways to capture feedback with team members asynchronously without further distracting their time-poor team. Team members were reluctant to give feedback even though there were ongoing challenges within the team.


They needed a listening tool to provide real-time and continuous feedback while working well with non-native speakers without requiring too much of the team's time.



Adopting HappyTeams into their team, feedback rose by 95% within 10 days of using the platform. Data was unlocked in real-time, and they found that because of HappyTeam's emoji-based response feature, team members that were unlikely ever to give feedback gave input. The team lead was more informed and was able to create a targeted people strategy plan.


Descartes Kontainers

Customer Story: 

Descartes Systems group - the global leader in logistics acquired Kontainers - a digital freight execution platform- triggering the team leaders in Kontainers to seek a platform to help the cultural challenges this represented.The leadership team needed to support and understand the challenges facing the newly acquired group of employees.



They needed a continuous listening platform that could paint an analytic picture of the team's adjustment to the acquisition as well as forecast employee engagement so strategies could be implemented in real-time ensuring employee success. 



Using HappyTeams enabled the Kontainers leadership team to gather a real-time feedback from employees and present this data back to the parent organisation. Having data to bring to their parent company enabled both parent company and newly acquired leadership team to draw up a strategy to ensure employees felt engaged and understood.

In all, k
ey staff members were retained in what was a very challenging period for Konatiners. Turnover was reduced by 26% in the period post-acquisition. Empirical data continues to underpin the assimilation of the new company into Descartes.

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